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Monday, October 27, 2008

Berg Suit Dismissed

I just saw on Grammy Cracker's blog site that the suit Berg brought asking for Obama to provide his birth certificate to prove he was a U.S. citizen was dismissed (by a judge appointed by Bill Clinton, surprise, surprise). The reason? They said only the government could bring suit to get someone to prove citizenship. Makes not a whole lotta sense if you think about it cause the government has the ability to prove whether someone is a citizen or not since they hold all the records.

So why won't Obama provide his birth certificate for the courts? I would normally think this was a bunch of hooey, but it's a simple thing to prove your citizenship. Send a letter to the hospital where you were born, get the records and hand them over. There's always proof of some sort these days. Years back when record keeping was scanty and sketchy this one would be a stretch, but not now.

Why hasn't some enterprising reporter gone to one of the two hospitals Obama and his sister claim he was born in? Sister could go to the one she thinks he was born in, he could go to the one he thinks he was born in and surely one of them would be right. Why hasn't an enterprising Republican zipped over to Kenya to interview people in the hospital his grandmother claims she watched him being born in? How come no one can discount Berg's claims?

We have 8 days left to figure this one out. Over 30% of the country has already voted. Let's get on the stick people and find out if we're trying to break the back of the Constitution in more ways than one here.

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